The history of the company has started almost half a century ago, in 1917, when a plant of pads and wooden products named after K.E.Voroshilov moved from Pskov to Rzhev. 
In 1949 the plant began to produce wind-resistant lamps, fittings, ski bindings and other mass sales items. Six years later, the factory, already known as the plant named after Petrovsky, was reconstructed in a factory of sewing machines where the famous "Volga" and "Rzhev" were produced until 1963. Then the company was converted into a machine-building plant for the production of outboard motors and load cranes limiters OGP-1.
Automotive and tractor electrical equipment was started the production in 1972 and followed new rename — to "Rzhevsky plant of automotive and tractor electrical equipment". The range of products has been greatly expanded for four years and the plant has become a supplier of parts for lines; it has already turned into a recognizable JSC "ELTRA" in 1996.
Since 2000 JSC "ELTRA" joined the group "Producers of Automotive and Motorized Equipment" — abbreviated as СJSC "Pramo Group".
Todaу the company has the name LLC "Pramo-Electro", all industrial facilities are still in city Rzhev, the range of products were significantly expanded, now the company produces starters, alternators, thermostats and windsceen washers, which are used in passenger cars, trucks, tractors and military vehicles.